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Neos is the award-winning legal management solution for your firm needs to optimize efficiency and productivity.

  • Flexible reporting and dashboards
  • Automated case workflows
  • End-to-end client lifecycle management
  • Efficient collaboration & communication
  • Save hours per case with NeosAI

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Features tailored to today’s legal industry needs

  • Automated case workflow with AI

    Leverage NeosAI to save time and improve outcomes with dynamic processes that eliminate the need for manual input.
  • Streamlined document management

    Quickly and easily generate and manage high volumes of documents.

  • Flexible reporting and dashboards

    Enjoy 24/7, real-time insights of your firm’s most critical statistics.

  • Efficient collaboration & communication

    Schedule, call, email, and text directly from the platform.

  • Ultra-secure cloud network

    Keep data sage with the protection of Microsoft® Azure.

  • End-to-end client lifecycle management

    From first case to case resolution, manage intakes and cases with an all-in-one solution.

Why Assembly Neos?

All-in-One Platform

Neos combines all the tools you need to run your firm at peak efficiency, so you can focus on winning for your clients.

Full Customization

 Neos enables you to customize everything from intake processes to data reports.

Lifelong Partnership

You’ll be able to take advantage of training, on-demand tutorials, and a responsive U.S.-based support team for as long as you’re using Neos.

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Streamline your firms processes with web-based case management so that you can easily scale your practice and reach more clients.

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