What are your firm's priorities in 2024?

Neos has everything you need to manage your law firm’s (or legal department's) day-to-day workflows and business operations at your fingertips, from any device.

  • Manage your cases, documents, contacts, calendars, tasks, time tracking, billing, and more
  • Integrations with Quickbooks, DocuSign, Ring Central, Mailchimp, and many others

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How Neos can help you achieve your highest priority goal for 2024

Increase staff productivity and decrease inefficiencies to grow the bottom line

  • Use automation for repetitive, time-wasting tasks to free up staff for more critical matters and to deliver consistent output
  • Everything you need is in one place; no need to switch applications and reorient yourself every time you need to do a new task
  • Customizable Checklists for each case type make it easy for staff to stay on track and standardize workflows across the firm for maximum efficiency
  • Seamless intake to case; no duplication of efforts

  • Client portals can automate communication on case status, boosting client satisfaction and freeing up your staff for more complex tasks
  • Duplicate checks make it easy to find existing clients and familiarize your staff with their situation
  • Case layouts are standardized making it easy to find any documents or information across the firm
  • Advanced Search + OCR makes it effortless to find documents or clients immediately
  • Tabs make it easy to switch between multiple case files and easily pick up where you left off

Leverage automation and technology to maximize staff resources and minimize mistakes

  • Capture prospective clients 24/7 from voicemail, form submissions, and chat bots using Zapier, then automatically input information into Neos
  • Trigger workflows from Checklist items, like sending welcome and retainer communications through SMS or email
  • Create multiple documents for multiple cases from templates (pulling data from Neos files) in a few clicks, minimizing mistakes and freeing up staff time

Gain insight into case statuses and roadblocks to optimize case lifecycle

  • Use reports to keep tabs on case statuses across the board to identify bottlenecks (with staff, workflows, clients, etc.)
  • Identify the top cases (i.e., ones that generated the most revenue for least effort/least time on desk) and the staff who worked on them

Improve client retention and satisfaction

  • SMS and email communications directly from Neos allow you to meet customers where they are
  • Client portals can send automated case status updates and information clients need to know about their case
  • Immediately locate case files when a client calls to be able to answer any question at a moment’s notice
  • Send marketing and firm update emails from Mailchimp

Start my own law firm or take my firm remote

  • Easy to get started
  • Robust training and ongoing support through free training webinars, a comprehensive knowledge base, and hundreds of on-demand training
  • Easily customizable to suit your firm’s unique needs
  • Sets a great foundation to scale as your firm grows

Identify top marketing channels and scale and optimize them

  • Track campaigns and cases generated inside Neos
  • Pre-built marketing ROI reports

Track my referrals and cases referred to me

  • Use reports to track the status of cases you’ve referred and results of cases referred to you so you can optimize what types of cases and from whom to take on in the future

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