Handle 30% More Cases with NeosAI

All-in-One Legal Case Management Software

  • Save up to 5 hours per case on document generation. Auto-generate legal documents in seconds. Populated with info from case files.
  • Reduce manual review by 80%. Create summaries of legal docs. Eliminate manual document review.
  • Save up 10 hours per case on data extraction. Auto-extract key details from case file items, including financials, legal docs, and images

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Streamline the Entire Case Lifecycle

Create first drafts of everything from demand letters to discovery motions in seconds using AI. Documents pre-populated with data from your case file.

Revise your draft by providing additional instructions, tone, and context. Save as a word document, pre-formatted and ready for you to review.

Slash the time required to generate first drafts and enter case information so you can focus on strategy and adding final touches.

Save Your Firm Hours of Valuable Time and Reduce Human Errors

Document Summaries

Generate summaries of your documents with a click. Free your firm from time-consuming document reviews; embrace efficiency, boost productivity, and eliminate redundancy with automated summarization.

Document Generation

Draft documents in seconds with an effortless process. Transform your document creation by eliminating time-consuming research and repetitive drafting, unlocking efficiency and streamlining productivity.

AI Document Extraction

Effortlessly extract key details for accurate data entry and scalable performance. Transform your workflow and enhance case efficiency by minimizing time-intensive document review and data entry tasks, avoiding costly errors and ensuring meticulous information management.

Neos award-winning legal case management software. Now with AI.

  • Embedded AI

    Minimizes errors, expediting resource-heavy tasks like document generation and data extraction.

  • Streamlined document management

    Quickly and easily generate and manage high volumes of documents.

  • Efficient collaboration & communication

    Schedule, call, email, and text directly from the platform.

  • Automated case workflow

    Save time and improve outcomes with dynamic processes that eliminate the need for manual input.

  • Flexible reporting and dashboards

    Get 24/7, real-time insights of your firm’s most critical statistics.

  • End-to-end client lifecycle management

    From first case to case resolution, manage intakes and cases with an all-in-one solution.

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Transform firm economics with massive time and cost savings with NeosAI

Save your firm hours of valuable time and reduce human errors with NeosAI for lawyers and law firms.

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